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CrossBlast, a functional cross training, provides strength training and conditioning exercises that work for anyone, no matter where they are in their fitness journey. Adaptable, high-intensity, constantly changing workouts made up of everyday movements. It’s designed in a way that will help you achieve any fitness goal, whether it’s becoming more fit, improving your athletic ability, or simply improving your overall health and wellness.

Workouts focus on improving the ten physical domains of fitness - cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. 

The crossfit like workouts


1. You'll Meet New, Like-Minded People

2. CrossBlast Boosts Cardiovascular Fitness

3. The Workouts Keep Your Body and Brain Guessing

4. Classes Are Short But Effective

5.  Builds Physical and Mental Confidence

6.  Improves Muscular Endurance

7. CrossFit Provides Measurable Results

8. You'll Build Healthy Habits That Last

9.  Improves Body Composition

10. It Can Help Improves Performance in Other Sports

11.  Builds Flexibility and Mobility

12.  Forces You Out of Your Comfort Zone

14.  Encourages Clean Eating


CoreBlast is a specialised session focused on strengthening and toning the core muscles, which include the abdominals, lower back, hips, and glutes. These classes are designed to improve overall stability, balance, and posture, which can enhance performance in various activities and sports. 

- A mix of bodyweight exercises like crunches, planks, and hovers.
- Use of resistance equipment such as tubes and weight plates.
- Exercises targeting the hip, butt, and lower back areas.

*Intensity and Options:*
- Suitable for all fitness levels with modifications available.
- Focus on correct technique with guidance from trained instructors.

- Increased core strength.
- Improved balance and injury prevention.
- Enhanced functional strength and sports performance.


If you’re a regular at the gym, then you probably associate the term ‘resistance bands’ heavily with flat bands. They are one of the most widely used and inexpensive models and get their name from their typical rubber band appearance.

Flat bands have no handles or grips, but they do come in varying levels of resistance.

They are usually colour-coded for this reason, but you can tell which will give more or less resistance from the width of each band.

Due to them being the smallest of the different types of resistance bands, they are also used for rehabilitation purposes.

Loop bands are a great training tool which are gaining popularity in the health and fitness industry. They are used extensively in elite sport by professional athletes to activate and strengthen muscles. A lightweight and versatile product which when used correctly can aid postural and structural balance of major muscle groups. Activating 'sleeping' muscles is one popular use of loop bands. Small muscles can often be bullied by larger groups of muscles, which can have a knock-on effect on movement, muscular and postural balance, control and stability. For example, the larger quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus maximus can bully the smaller gluteus medius, preventing it from effectively doing its job to stabilise the knee, hip and foot. In addition to activating muscles, loop bands can be used to add additional resistance to exercises in order to improve strength, muscular endurance and postural balance.

The fact that using these bands gives us the ability to do a variety of exercises is good, because our body craves it.

Any good strength coach will tell you that one of the key variables the body craves is variety, So changing not only the weight, sets or reps of an exercise, but also the tool, is essential.

What I love about resistance bands is that they alter the strength endurance continuum (the idea that strength and endurance are in competition with each other, so it is impossible to maximise both at once).

As the band lengthens the resistance increases, a dynamic which doesn’t occur with other weighted implements, where the weight stays the same throughout the range of movement.




Resistance band benefits

  • 1) They improve the quality of your exercises.

  • 2) They help to focus your control.

  • 3) They recruit your stabilising muscles.

  • 4) They're fundamental for functional training.

  • 5) A great alternative to machines.

  • 6) They're lightweight.

  • 7) They're designed for compound exercises.

  • 8) You have control over the angle.


After launching in Germany in 2017, HYROX quickly established itself as the fastest growing fitness sport in the world, seeing races in more than 11 different countries and over 30 different cities. 

Over 98% of our athletes complete their HYROX race. With no finishing time restriction, and no qualification required to enter, HYROX welcomes every participant with open arms.

It is a race to run at your own pace, with the continuous support of friends, family and fellow participants.

Not only that, but the structure of HYROX eliminates the generic fear of ‘coming last’. Every HYROX race has start waves of all ages happening every 10 minutes throughout the entire day, working through each division. Put simply, this means that a 3-hour athlete can cross the finish line at the very same time as a sub-60 athlete! HYROX combines both running & functional workout stations, where participants run 1km, followed by 1 functional workout station, repeated eight times. And that is what we will be focusing on in classes however there will be much more !




FitRun is a "seasonal" leisure running class. Usually activated beginning of each year and lasts till early autumn. Design to get people back on track running class with no pressure on pace or distance and is tailored towards everyone. Recently we are using local parkruns to meet up and run 5k distance. We just meet to get you going and its up to you how hard you go..


FitRun is back and running guys. It's a free social running sessions for everyone. We now using parkruns events for our meet and run. The main one is the but the plan is to do odd trips to Chasewater and Cannock chase. Doing our FitRun with parkrunners brings on that extra motivation and gives you that extra push during the run. It is 5k run for all abilities and all fitness level. We do anything from walking to walk/jog intervals to jog/run intervals to running to pbs. You'd run on your own or with other team members depends on your goals and fitness level.
I'm currently taking on beginners and we'd walk/jog all way round 

Meet at the Rugby club carpark 8.45am.

To make it even more social, if you fancy, join others for a cuppa or breakfast at Rugby club bar after your run!
Come along, get back on it or begin your journey with us! 


Class Instructors

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