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Benefits of my 1-2-1 training sessions



Knowledge - Being educated while exercising is essential in maximizing effectiveness and reducing risk of injury. This also includes my tips, tricks and advice.



Motivation - Whatever the reason, sometimes it’s difficult to find the motivation to work out. Regular sessions with me will give you the boost you need. Sometimes all we need is a little bit more of support, I'll give you plenty.



Accountability - Throw the “I’ll go tomorrow; I’m too tired” excuses out the door because I will ensure that won’t happen. Sticking to a fitness schedule gives you an incentive to follow through and it is the best way to achieve your goals.



Personalised Plan - A common misconception is that personal trainers are high energy, in your face, and work you to exhaustion with heavy lifting, which is far from the truth. Unless you work better when you’re shouted out, then be my guest! I do low intensity sessions which are very beneficial long term. Tell me exactly what you’re looking for and together we can develop a plan tailored to you. Just bear in mind that you can't work on too many different goals at the same time. Challenging - It’s easy to get bored with your fitness routine. Maybe you’ve plateaued or aren’t seeing the results you hoped for? I will challenge you and take you to the next level.





Variety - I will develop a routine for you with plenty of variety. This may include machines, free weights, bodyweight exercises, and cardio. The sky is the limit.



Goals - We will start with small goals that will eventually build up to an impressive achievement. Just follow my lead and you’ll be amazed how much you’ve achieved!



Improvements - According to Lifehacker, studies have shown that there are better strength improvements with supervised training than without. I will coach, push, and motivate you more than you may be able to do yourself.



More Than Just Fitness - I am much more than just a fitness coach. You will spend so much time with me that I may become your unofficial therapist. Yes, I'm here to help improve your fitness but I also care about your well-being. I will help you improve nutrition and even your mental health by giving you exercises aimed at relieving stress. That's what makes me different. I love what I do, I care about it, I spend time planning and organising, I spend time working out how to convince you to do things you'd never done before, I'd praise you but also I'd tell you off, I'll approach each one of you in Different ways, I'll dedicate time to answer your questions, provide support, give you ideas and help you improve but most of all I will believe in You!




I offer PAYG sessions, blocks of 5 or 10 weeks and FitPacks.

Please ask for prices and details via

WhatsApp 07907979401

IG @slavfitosc

FB One Step Closer

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