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Slav is encouraging and reassuring. you don't feel pushed or under pressure (tell that to my legs now haha) lots of giggles in class and all ages all fitness levels really enjoyed it x

Laura Jane

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I first started with Slav because I didn't have the confidence to go to a gym, since then I have grown in confidence and all round feel better about myself. I do go to a gym now but I wouldn't miss my one to one sessions with Slav!


Testimonials: Testimonials

I've been enjoying Slav's classes for almost 2 years, but despite being active and training 6 times a week I was still struggling to achieve my goals. In January 2020 I decided to sign up to his Private Training in order to slim down, strengthen my core and arms. After only 10 weeks of healthy and delicious meals (some of Slav's meals have become my favourite: cottage cheese & granola or overnight oats!) and tailored fitness plan I've built up my muscles and strength as well as slimmed down. I've smashed my goals thanks to Slav's help. If you're struggling to achieve your personal goal, Slav will help you and you'll enjoy the journey!


Testimonials: Testimonials

Slav is a great instructor and makes all of his classes fun and enjoyable yet also wanting to make you work hard! 💪🏻 I throughly enjoy all of his classes and would definitely reccommend to anybody to come and have a go because you'd soon get the love for it! ☺️


Woman in Yellow
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