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Cbd and medications interaction. Sepsis. Heart failure. Atrial fibrillation.

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Only joking. If you make it so far you already know what cbd is. I'm not gonna do what all other articles and blogs does lol. However, if you unsure read my other blogs.

Cbd and drugs interactions

I have put a post in one of the groups however it wasn't posted as its against their rules 🙈 Hope this post will reach as many people as possible. People who struggling and who might benefit from this. People like myself who was lost, unsure and didn't know what to do.

"Please delete if inappropriate however this isn't a sale post, more of a research and hopefully some kind of help/benefits would come out of it.

Hi all, I'm new to the group yet already receive a lot of support.

My name's Slav, I'm struggling, went through a lot recently, literally nearly died 8 weeks ago and now just having a rough time in my Rehab.

Anyhow, I'm a founder of CbdFit brand which came out in 2018 from an idea of helping people with their struggles, people like myself and my closest. For me it was mind mainly related, for wife - Crohns disease, for kids as a prevention and general health, for my mum sciatica and hip issues etc etc

I'm using cbd (apart from last 8 weeks) for nearly 8 years, from way before it was legal and my main reasons for taking cbd oil is to get help with stress, sleep disorders, anxiety and recovery from brutal trainings.

I stopped taking it when was first rushed to hospital with severe sepsis, then never reintroduced it again due to reading online articles about possible drug interactions.

Those interactions are only 'possible' as there's not enough evidence, data or research in this subject, more of an assumptions.

Now, I was OK not to start taking cbd again, just so I don't risk afib episodes or other side effects however this passed 2 weeks my anxiety is at the level that was never before at.

We all (cbd brands) advice to talk to your doctors first before starting cbd however I personally never had to before. And here comes "opportunity" so I'm asking cardiologists, doctors, consultants and guess what? Most of them never heard about it, some of them not sure yet some gives me a permission to restart.. Not very assuring innit?

I thought I know everything about cbd and other cannabinoids as believe me, I was studying, testing, going expos and talking to our labs people, yet this is a grey area for me, hence decided ( now I'm a bit better with HR and BP) to test it whilst on meds.

Some might know about great benefits of cbd - there's lots people we helping - there's lots of research and feedback saying how beneficial cbd can be with all kind of heart health related aspects, not much data if it comes to using it whilst on medication.

I'm going to start today, the protocol is to reintroduce a small dose 50-75mg for next 3-4 days then increase until reach anxiety related dose of 300mg minimum with at least 4h gap between taking medicine ( I'll try 6h as don't take any meds in the afternoon. The lower doses will do the job with other 'issues' ie sleep, pain, blood pressure etc so will be helpful as well!

The list of Drugs I'm currently on

- lsd

- dmt

- mdma

Only joking 😂😂

The real list -

Bisoprolol 10mg

Digoxin 125mg

Eliquis 10mg

Amiodarone 200mg

Supplement list


Omega 3



Vit C



Cbd tea

Cbd / cbda/cbg full spectrum oil 30%

Update 270621

2 days on already. 75mg of full spectrum cbd with cbda and cbg. Twice a day - 2am and 2pm so there's long gap between meds which I take 8am / 8pm

So far so good no interactions. Blood pressure slightly lower, hr no change. Slept good ( considering circumstances). That's good, another Aim of experiment is to achieve mind related benefits so fingers crossed..

Update 290621

So far so good!

Increased dose to 2x 150mg already, keeping the same times. I feel a lot better mentally and sleep pretty good too - again, considering circumstances. In my situation I expect returning episodes and low days as its just a way it is but seems like so far cbd makes my up days a lot better.

Today's dose I'll take hour earlier - before hospital cardio Rehab visit and see how it'll affect my feels as last few were pretty anxious.

Can't feel no interactions with drugs I'm on - no bleeding, bruising, too low BP or too high HR so again - good sign..

Update 040721

I don't believe in coincidents! After just over a week my heart beat converted into sinus rhythm after being in afib for 6 weeks solid . I'm not cured at all, I'll never be but even if it's just a day of regular heart beat and normal heart rate before next episode of palpitations, dizziness and short of breath it feels amazing and promising. Heart will rest a bit, head will follow. I get that I'm on a lot of drugs but I was on the for 7 weeks. I'm currently still on 2x150mg and Imma keep that dose as I do feel good and feel no meds side effects still

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