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Is CBD oil safe for children?

CBD oil continues to grow in popularity and become more visible across the world. The many studies proving that it supports our wellbeing make it hard to ignore.

The World Health Organisation and Members of the European Parliament have recently drawn public attention to the links between cannabis-based medication, CBD supplements and good health, and called for more research. With the possibility of such benefits, surely, we should share this with our children? [second comma not needed here]

But is this safe? Can we confidently allow our little ones to supplement their diet with CBD?

Research in this area is only just beginning to come up with possible answers. It is harder to get trials approved for studies that involve children. However, there are some and they show a similar pattern of benefits to those available to adults.

In November of 2017 the WHO shared a paper in which they concluded that CBD posed no threat to health, has no potential for abuse and mentioned details of trials carried out that included participants as young as two.

CBD is often taken for its effect on general wellbeing and relaxation. As the pressure on children and young people increases day by day, cannabidiol could be just what they need.

How much CBD can children take?

When finding the correct dose it is different for every user and for every result you are trying to achieve. This is no different for children.

Because the effects can depend on body weight, an effective child’s dose will be significantly smaller than that of an adult. A good starting point is 0.5mg per pound of bodyweight spread between three doses a day. For example, a child weighing 30 pounds would take 15mg divided into three doses of 5mg to be taken across one day. This smaller dose could be increased slowly over the course of a week.

The importance of third-party certificates

Certificates of Analysis

It is essential that children are given high-quality oil with evidence of the proper safety checks. This is true for anyone using CBD. Low-quality oil is never recommended, it may not offer the same benefits provided by a top quality organic full spectrum oil and could contain toxins.

Certificates of Analysis completed by a third party lab offer assurance that the product is high quality and has been safely prepared. They show that the profile of cannabinoids is legal, safe and effective. Chemicals and contaminants are also checked for and noted in the analysis.

Each batch of oil should have its own certificate. Choosing a brand that clearly displays this and provides other safety information is an indication that they follow the correct procedures and value the health of you and your family.

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