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Eaton Mess 10k

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Eaton Mess is a new local run around the village of Church Eaton just outside of Stafford, which I signed up for back in December along with other members of my One Step Closer running group to encourage them, show my support on the day and help raise funds for a local cause.

The run consist of a circular route on quiet country lanes with an excellent support of marshals, an Eaton Mess medal, a t-shirt and a portion (or two) of Eaton Mess ice cream! After the recent storms the route was flooded in places but if you were quick enough you didn't even get your trainers (that) wet!

I managed to clock another 10k PB only a week after the Millennium Way Ultra and it currently stands at 48:37! A massive improvement for me. I can now run 5min/km pace when it used to be 7min/km only 2 years ago. It seems that my running has picked up after I actually started enjoying it and did some running focused training. I also use CBD oil and floatation therapy to aid my recovery. On top of that I've experimented with plant based diet and the combination is working out for me.

Although my achievements and progress are priceless for me, the progress of my clients is making me extremely proud and is a proof that my work with them pays off, making them fitter, faster, healthier and happier!

Sam finished in Top 10, improving (again) his 10k time and taking away a chunk from his previous (only 2 weeks old) PB. Ewelina finished the race as 2nd female - what a way to celebrate International Women's Day! Rich easily broke the sub 45min barrier. Ilona enjoyed her 1st official 10k so much that she is already thinking about her next challenges.

The whole team did amazingly and the support their showed for each other showed me that I've created not only a running group but a bunch of friends.

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