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Lab tests certification

As a purchaser, it's essential that you understand how to read CBD lab results, This will enable you to know precisely what you're putting in or on your body!

CBD has seen hundreds if not thousands of new brands flood the market in the last few years. The CBD market has exploded, and this has unfortunately involved poor quality brands in making a quick buck. Without industry standards in place, the quality of CBD products is all over the place. Unlabeled & miss labelled CBD products are on the increase and even worse there are reports of bad synthetic knock-offs. As a consumer, this means you need to be very careful when buying CBD.

Luckily, we are responsible who publicly display full contents via lab reports.

Full spectrum CBD oil should contain a range of cannabinoids, and will not fall under a ‘novel food’ as it's not a highly concentrated compound like isolate and it includes a variety of healthy compounds.

CBD products may contain a various range of different active compounds. Now, we can divide three types of CBD-infused products:

Full spectrum product, which includes a wide range of cannabinoids, including a trace of THC. These goodies come with a mix of cannabinoids and terpenes.Broad spectrum product, containing a range of cannabinoids, but no THC.An isolate-based product, which comes only with CBD and no other compounds such as terpenes or other cannabinoids. These products are also known as pure CBD, or 100% CBD.

One of the most important things to look for in the test is potency, find out the exact amount of cannabinoids in a particular CBD product. Many manufacturers test their products for CBD, CBDA, CBC, THC, THCA and more.

There are two potential places that a lab report can come from - 1st party and 3rd party. Between the two, 3rd party reporting is the most common and the preferred of the two. The difference between the two lies solely in the trustworthiness of the data:

1st party lab reports are provided directly by the company selling the products and are seen as slightly less trustworthy merely because they are more likely to be skewed or modified. An independent company generates 3rd party lab reports. They are seen as more trustworthy because they are less likely to be skewed or modified since the independent lab's reputation is on the line. (This should contain the company's name who carried out the test along with contact details and a reference number, don’t be afraid of calling the business to make sure it’s a genuine test!)

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