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One Step Closer Virtual 2

Updated: May 25, 2020

After a massive success and plenty requests here I offer you One Step Closer Virtual 2. We go blind again until an event week where all be revealed. 75 places available. Event based on similar structure although it will be a LOT different 😉 I can only say - no burpees nor push ups involved this time! Everyone can do it as we proved before ! You don't need facebook nor YouTube or any free weights. There's easier option for people with injuries and for kids under 16yo. All details, to include videos, will be provided via WhatsApp, email or messenger. It's an Independence day weekend event but this time we start on Friday 4pm and finish Sunday 6pm. You've got Friday, Saturday or Sunday to complete the challenge, it need to be done in 'one go'. Again ALL DETAILS will be send out on the event week. There's not only a satisfaction of finishing, having fun and bond together but also there's a brand new medal for each participant and a small prize for fastest male, female and kid 😊 Got friends and family that might be interested? Invite them too! Share event link. They not on Facebook? No problem, we'll get their details from crowdfunder. Ready for a challenge? Take advantage of early bird registration and sign up in May by donating a minimum of £10 - individual entry £18 - couples £27 - family of 3 £36 - family of 4 Donate through our crowdfunder - click 'tickets available ' above the description Then press 'going' on facebook event page. You can also purchase tickets on CbdFit website. Check video from Virtual 1! Peace & Love

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