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One Step Closer Running Group

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Do you think you need the speed of Usain Bolt, the endurance of Paula Radcliffe and the heritage of Mo Farah to be a runner? No! You can enjoy running no matter your age, size, fitness level, we make everyone feel welcome!

Our members have progressed from 0 to 5k without much trouble! They worked tirelessly to achieve their milestones.

They completed the Stafford 10k and even enjoyed themselves, when beforehand they were full of doubt and feared they wouldn't be able to complete it. Some of our One Step Closer Runners are taking their running to the next level and taking part in Half Marathons, while others took on an Ultramarathon as they started enjoying running so much.

If you want to give running a go, whatever your goal, come and join us for our weekly run around Stafford. You've got nothing to lose!

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