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Shiny Dave and Ultramarathon 

Recovery with Cbd oil. Last weekend I took part in Escape from Meriden. This is an 24hr Ultra event. The idea is, that you have to run/walk/crawl as far as you can from Meriden ( Near Coventry). No set route, you can run anywhere and any direction you want. To make it more interesting you start at midnight. So that's no sleep then till you finish ( Well not for me anyway, I kept going ) Throughout the event, I used my Cbd oil, as I knew It would help my recovery in the days following. If you have run a Marathon, you know how you feel the day after, well any race distance really. Trying to walk or even getting up and downstairs is a nightmare. In the end I managed to get to Barnsley, with a total of 86miles completed. Yes I was done, shattered and had nothing more left in me. Following day, as I had kept on with my Cbd oil, I could still walk, even up and down stairs. Dont get me wrong, yes I knew I had run 86miles and was stiff, but I was moving. So you thought after the event, a week off to recovery. Years ago, yes maybe, but I was out again running on the Monday. No effects at all, in fact I felt that strong I ran 38miles overall last week, straight back into my training. This is not just down to me, I'm no superhero, I'm just me, but for sure Cbd oil has helped me with my recovery.

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