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Sleep like a baby

CBD oil for sleep: why is it effective?

There are many studies that are geared toward unlocking the hidden secrets of CBD oil and some of which are centered on seeing how well it improves the sleeping habits of its consumers.

The claims being made by early researchers and users have been positive so far but since the studies regarding CBD oil for sleep are still relatively new, research isn’t conclusive yet.

Maybe it’s the placebo effect caused by people urging others to buy CBD or maybe CBD is just really effective as a sleeping agent.

What is certain though is that CBD does not get people high so no one should get any wrong ideas. People that claim that CBD has improved their sleeping habits are not high; they are simply more relaxed upon using a CBD oil for sleep product.

According to preliminary studies, CBD has been shown to prolong the third stage of sleep in non-rapid eye movement (NREM).

This is one of the most crucial phase of sleeping as individuals get revitalized during this process. Some of the changes the body goes through during this phase include tissue growth and repair and blood pressure regulation. This could mean that CBD could potentially be optimizing the natural processes of sleep.

CBD isn’t an intoxicating compound. Thus it is not capable of getting people high. That being said, researchers have yet to determine exactly why cannabidiol relaxes its users.

What is sure though is that this compound has made a fan out of people across the U.S. even if there is a certain stigma surrounding cannabis.

There are already some people who are using CBD to help combat their insomnia and other sleeping issues. For instance, one individual we read about had tried nearly all there is to try to help himself get to sleep at the right time.

From regular exercise to compounds like melatonin and magnesium, he had tried it all. Sadly, all of the techniques and previous prescriptions failed at what they were intended to do.

However, he began to experiment with CBD which was gaining more and more popularity at the time. Surprisingly, the user was allegedly able to fall asleep shortly after taking a drop of the oil. Since then, he has been a firm believer of the product and some of the claims made for it.

There’s no telling just how many sleepless nights have been prevented by CBD but what it is certain though is that it is beginning to turn non-believers into believers at an alarming rate.

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