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Sunday tip : Stay hydrated!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Sunday tip..

Just a lil Sunday tip. Stay hydrated guys. Its sooooo important to drink and to remember especially at this time of a year When's not too hot and we not always crave water. I don't have to explain how big of an effect hydration have on internal organs functionality ( dam this sound so professional 🤣😂) weigh loss, body clock and overall moods. You move, you sweat. You move more and faster you sweat more. Even in cold. Just so you realise - I've tested it on my recent run (not the first time) - I weighed myself before 17mile run - 94.8kg and after run - 92.5kg 🙃 that's a 2.3kg weigh / water loss - bare in mind I've had my fluids with me as well.. 2.3kg equals to almost 4lbs guys, it's a lot.. Stay hydrated before, during and rehydrate after - 400-500ml water per pound of body weigh loss.. Rehydration as well as CbdFit cbd products helps with recovery too! 🔥 🔥

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