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Tiger Muay Thai Training Camp

Updated: May 25, 2020

So, 2 weeks training camp done.

Real privilege to train under experienced eye of fitness and muay Thai coaches here at Tiger gym . Bless you all.

Tough 2 weeks of pushing my 40 years old body and mind to its limits (even more than at home 😂) I've learned and been coached a lot bringing my skills to next level again.

I have done 50 hours of training, all this with no pre and post workouts supplements or all other powders. All recovery and energy came from cbd oil products, right food and awesome people and their spirit.

I've had no meat ( seafood only once a day) and fail on not having coffee, however I've had only one ice coffee per day instead of 8 when at home lol.

Again, I might not be the best out there but I'm trying to be the best version of myself. I'm trying different things, challenging everyday, facing fears and demons and proving myself. Have met real beasts here as well as throughout my life and never been jealous of their achievements or compare myself to them, instead I try and use them as an inspiration they truly are hoping I can inspire one athlete, dad, mum, kid, person too.

As always, feel free to chat, ask questions or come and join my classes or sort out some personal training sessions. Don't forget to try cbd for great benefits.

Peace and love 😍


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