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Not a fan of a crowded gym? Tricky to align your work and family commitments with your gym classes timetable? Prefer to work out at home? See how I can help you achieve your goal!

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Strength & Stamina

Do you struggle to exercise on your own? Do you need other like-minded people to keep you on your toes? Join one of my group fitness classes and you will see improvements in no time.



No time to cook - no problem

The delicious meals I prepare will not only keep your hunger at bay but also provide you with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins your body needs. No chopping, no slicing, no mess in the kitchen! Just reheat and enjoy!



1-2-1 training sessions

I have a limited number of places available for personal training sessions. By limiting the amount of clients I take on, I can ensure I'm able to dedicate  enough time to the planning, execution and evaluation of their progress.

There's blocks of:

  • 5 sessions

  • 10 sessions

  • or one off per request.

I also offer couples/groups workouts also available as 5/10 weeks blocks.

If you're looking for something more structured and a better value for money you might be interested in my FitPacks and Eat&Smash Packs

There's various options available: FitPack Mini, FitPack Gold and FitPack Pro. Eat&Smash1 and Eat&Smash2.

FitPack Mini - £420

A 10 weeks personalised training and nutrition plan for highly motivated individuals who are able to follow my guidance and will mainly work independently.

  • 5 x 28 ready meals (adjusted micro- and macronutrients)

  • Tailored training program

  • Meal plan

  • 3 x Fat Burners

  • Advice, support and tips

FitPack Gold - £670

A 10 weeks personalised training and nutrition plan for motivated individuals who need some accountability and support in reaching their goals. FitPack Gold includes

  • 10 1-2-1 training sessions

  • Tailored training program

  • 5 x 28 ready meals (adjusted micro- and macronutrients)

  • Meal plan

  • Weigh-ins and measurements

  • Advice, support and tips

FitPack Pro - £770

A 10 weeks personalised training and nutrition plan for motivated individuals who need guidance and support in reaching their goals. FitPack Gold includes

  • 10 1-2-1 training sessions

  • Tailored training program

  • 5 x 28 ready meals (adjusted micro- and macronutrients)

  • Meal plan

  • 2 x 15% full spectrum CBD oil to aid recovery, relieve stress and improve well-being

  • 2 x CBD balms

  • 40 portions of Pre-Workout shakes

  • 2 x 3 weeks’ worth of pre-workout shake

  • Weigh-ins and measurements

  • A water bottle

  • A shaker

  • A team vest (One Step Closer)

  • Advice, support and tips

Eat&Smash1 - 620

A 10 weeks programme 

  • 10 1-2-1 personal training sessions

  • 5 x 28 healthy prep meals , 28 meals every other week

Eat&Smash2 - 800

A 10 weeks programme

  • 20 1-2-1 personal training sessions 

  • 5 x 28 healthy meals, 28 meals every other week 

Online coaching

Not local to Stafford? Can’t get to the gym? You will benefit from my bespoke training plan without the need to commute!

  • 8 weeks Tailored training program

  • 8 1-2-1 zoom training sessions

  • 8 weeks meal plan

  • Weekly reports

  • Advice, support and tips

Ready to improve your fitness?



Come and join the fun!

I provide a wide range of group fitness classes. Whether you're looking for a cardio or strength workout, you'll find something that takes your fancy! 

Currently I run weekly classes: TabataBlast, PadFit, CrossBlast, BootyBlast, FitRun and ImFit.

TabataBlast, while burning up around 15 kcal per minute of exercise, it also increases your metabolism during and after the training session, boosts aerobic and anaerobic system and improves mental toughness and willpower.

CrossBlast (crossfit) increases strength and endurance as well as improves understanding of the right pacing. CrossBlast is suitable for all fitness levels.


FitRun is a free class aimed at runners. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or are a seasoned runner. You’ll enjoy some cardio in the fresh air, while exploring some local routes and having a chat with other like-minded people.


ImFit (formerly known as TriBlast) was originally aimed at triathletes focusing on strength and conditioning during their off-season. Soon other (non-triathletes) followed and seen the benefit of getting stronger, fitter and better.


I also offer personalised workouts for couples/groups either as a single session or as a better value 5/10 sessions blocks.



Take-away meals without the guilt

Having worked as a chef, I know how important it is to enjoy the food you're eating. Some believe healthy food deprives you of delicious meals, I'll prove that it's not true! To ensure that your hard work in the gym isn't being jeopardised by lack of time to cook or healthy recipes to follow, I provide balanced, nutritious meals so you can just tuck in!

Meals prepared every fortnite. They can be freezed up to 3 months.




You don't want to commit to 10 weeks? You can still get the benefit of personal training session during my 1-2-1 workouts. No matter what your goal is, I'll bring you One Step Closer to it.


Are you trying to lose weight? Put on some weight? Increase/reduce your body fat? You'll reach your goal with your own personalised Meal Plan which includes easy to follow recipes!


Have you got a specific goal in mind? Do the generic plans not work for you? Get stronger, leaner, faster with my personalised Training Plan.


Are you struggling to recover between your sessions? Do you need to aid your recovery, boost your mood and improve well-being? Try CBD oils!



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