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Hard work pays off

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

I've known Ewelina for a few years now as we belong to the same triathlon club. I've been stalking (well keeping an eye on) her achievements especially the running ones! Ewelina is a good runner and she smashed quite a few events before we began working together.

She's been attending my private weekly classes TriBlast (now known as IMFit) so I knew exactly what's she capable of and was excited when she decided she was ready for an extra push and asked if we could work together for 10 weeks as part of FitPack.

I've planned our 1-2-1 training sessions, created a training plan and wrote a personalised meal plan which included my healthy ready meals and healthy recipes, all tailored towards goals she wanted to achieve!

After 10 weeks of up and downs and hard work she did! Ewelina built up her upper body strength, improved her core, dropped body fat % and built definition. At the same time improved her running even more smashing quite a few events over the 10 weeks and even made it to the podium at the inaugural Eaton Mess 10k running competition! You can read the whole race recap on the Midlands Running Guide Website.

If you'd like to be better than you ever thought you'd be and achieve more that you thought you were ever capable of, let me know and we can start working together! You never know, you might be standing at the podium next!

Feel free to run with us on Friday evenings - One Step Closer Running Group is free and welcoming, we look forward to seeing all the newbies.

If you think you've already got what it takes to be on the podium? Sign up to the Eaton Mess 2021! It's an excellent race, read my race review here.

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