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Liam part of a gang 

CbdFit is delighted to announce another athlete that we took on the board to support his career.


Liam is a Muay Thai fighter with excellent record, he's a young prospect with high expectations and goals.

Liam is IKF Midlands Champion and World of Kickboxing

European Champion with title won in Holland.

Liam is fighting out of Stoke Thai Boxing under well known John Steele

CbdFit and our best quality products aim to support Liam's Martial arts, fitness and life journey by helping with his recovery from long hours of hard training, improving sleep and ability to cope with stress, pains and aches. Our Cbd products would also have massive impact on on Liam's mental strength - such an important aspect of not only fighting game but also everyday life.

@liamgriffin_95 ... Really feeling the benefits of CBD oil after using it for a while now, definitely helping with getting a full nights sleep with less aches and pains when it comes to early morning sessions. Would recommend this whether it’s for physical or mental health reasons. For more information check out @slavfitcbd “liam10” for 10% discount

Liam Griffin has signed with CBD Fit, CBD Fit supply a wide range of CBD oil products and used by a wide range of athletes around the world to aid recovery with other benefits.

- rapid RECOVERY after workout

- deep SLEEP which again helps with recovery from training and injuries ( ligaments, tears etc)

- MOOD lifting

- PAIN management (from doms to arthritis to migrenes)

- anti INFLAMMATORY effect

- less STRESS


- help with ANXIETY

Follow Liam on Instagram:liamgriffin_95 to keep up today with his fight needs and soon he will be releasing discount codes

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