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Monster challenge for sepsis & heart failure awareness

In 2021 I've survived near death experience fighting off severe sepsis. A week in critical care, week in ward 220 and a week in cardiology. Then countless days in outpatients too. Won the battle but This silent killer left me with several damages. Muscle waste, immune system weakness, damage to organs like liver and kidneys but most importantly a damage to heart which resulted in atrial fibrillation & SVT and huge impact on mental health - diagnosed PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks. It is a real roller-coaster since May 2021, like 3 years of Rehab but things getting better. Simply because( after long, dark months of battling) I decided to not give up and get my life back . It's a long story and a lot of sad and depressing mini stories that come with it. Anyhow, now, after 3 years I'm finally going to have a heart procedure that (hopefully) will help me stay free from episodes and medication. Or at least reduce the attacks, meds and symptoms.

I constantly kept challenging my body & mind over last years, firstly just by moving around house then walking and going out into the world, talk to people. Then by more intense physical activities, going back to work after months, then increasing the challenges level. Now, I decided to push even further. I'm taking on this huge international challenge - Monster triathlon 2025. Monster triathlon is a race from Loch Ness Scotland to London England. It starts with 5km swim then  1000km cycle over 5 days to finally finish with 50km ultra run in London. 

I know what's it like to be scared of even getting off the bed, going toilet, talk to or see people. I know what's it like to not be able to wipe your arse or eat with your own hands. I know what's it like to fix your mind on your heart beat or breathing to the point where you don't sleep. What's it like to not be able to walk, smile, live. And for those reasons I'm doing this challenge. To be a role model, to prove, to show that we simply can't give up. Now, I'm not saying go and do silly event or crazy challenge. I just encourage you to step out of the darkness. Take the step and get One Step Closer to the light. 

Please, support me in this challenge, help cover all expenses, help me do it. It'll all come back to you one way or another! 🔥 

This fund is to cover expenses only, it's not for profit. Just the entry and travel + extra accommodation is slightly over £3000. Then there's nutrition, supplements, gear, wear, coaching, training expenses and more. 

I'm also after sponsors and already have following on board

Read a little about sepsis

Read my sepsis and other stories 

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