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The Roc Scotland 2023

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

This wasn't a regular race, not regular adventure . This was the mental challenge

building pure resilience and toughness. Never ending trails filled with water , crossed by rivers &

waterfalls, torrents of water, loose rocks all over the

place. Constant rain, massive headwind and low temperature..

In Scotland there were severe weather condition alerts. Train stations flooded, road flooded. A lot of parts were shut to public.. It wouldn’t have been a surprise if the race had been cancelled.

As one of the girls said

"They've issued severe weather warning for Scotland. Advising people not to travel and cancelled trains because of expected rain. And Slav does the Roc. We wouldn't expect anything else! 😂😂"

Over 40% of the entry didn’t start, of those that did, nearly 20% didn’t finish

Facebook Post & report

2023 event #13

The Roc Scotland

Due to severe weather, only ..

1500m run

30km trail bike

10km up Ben Nevis hike / run

27km trail bike

1500m run

Accent 2100m

TOTAL time 7h38m

If you like hardcore I recommend this

Absolutely stunning race. Big ups to The Roc guys, competitors & supporters. Big ups to every single fucker who turned up and gave it a try, you're mad!

Congrats to winners and Organiser for pulling it up.

Thank you to a family who let me used their spare bike.

Race was tough, different level of tough. Pure mental challenge but I loved every single second of it! Even with Scottish weather views were stunning! Mysterious mountain covered with clouds and crying with little waterfalls , mysterious black water of Lake and river hiding the power of nature..

Message of the race

A lion will never eat grass, no

matter how hungry he is. Be

like a LION, never lower your

standards because someone

expects that from you,

Stay hungry

Race report

First of all, I'm really chuffed with myself..

Due to severe weather conditions for health and safety reasons swim was cancelled and replaced with 1500m run. Soaking wet already 😂

Quickest transition ever as most gear I've had already on me. Jumped on my gravel bike and of I go. It started with a massive climb, I think like 4km? But it was OK, because as I find out later, this pleasant tarmac climb turned into gravel climb then into really challenging rocky as fuck trail! The total accent over that 18mile was 700m! That's mostly on rocks, gravel, riding through little rivers, mud. In heavy rain, heavy wind. In cold. Now, I'm not even trying to make it look harder. It was fucking worst conditions ever. Period.

After rocks we hit a little tarmac again, probably 3-4km? Which made those climbs little easier. And that's where I Came of the bike - at 50km/h solid. Overtaking on decents bend, avoided oncoming truck, caught sand storage box on the side , came off, smashed the grand and rolled over the slop. Not sure what, but some powers were looking after me. Ended up with bruised ass, hip and bad shoulder only! . Bike did well Unfortunately back wheel got damaged and riding from now on riding was challenging, was just waiting for it to snap completely. But I needed to carry on.

Then I got lost ( obviously). In that rain, cod & wind 🙈But then finally finished the bike.

Wasn't sure what I'll do with bike, worried abut getting warm first then go up that mountain. Whilst in transition tent Marlena came saying she'd sorted me a bike to borrow! bless her, made me believe again.

Up the mountain, soaking wet already. This hike was sick though. Lovely path and even with minimum visibility there still were nice views. I enjoyed it more than I thought. In rain, wind & cold 😉

Turning point was changed to 5km only so I was up and down quick.

Started feeling the accident more especially ass & shoulder..

Got down and on me new bike.

That 27k back was a long mental challenge of not letting negative thoughts into my head. Just blocking it before it happens. That trail was even worse now - filled in with running water and loose rocks. A lot of walking pushing bike. The climbs were coming one after another, never ending. Wind got so much worse - headwind of course. I don't remember much. Just kept moving forward. It was disgusting ride that noone normal would like to do. Legs started cramping in places I didn't know existed in them.. Wind, rain & cold. Very cold now

Reached last transition. Got off bike but could not do nothing coz of cramps. I don't know how but finished that last run on stiff legs, in pain. In rain, wind & cold.

Probably biggest challenge of my life, not very enjoyable but the most hardcore for sure. So far!

Came 54th. 17 DNF and almost half DNS 🫶🏼

I still don't realise what I've achieved.

Thank you everyone!

Read my story here

Watch Scotland @theroctri highlights video and read race report

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