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Let me get this straight. This ain't show off post, this is for real, for motivation and realisation 😊

I did it. I did it again with minimum training and not due to being lazy or anything like that but due to injuries or slight health issues..

I ran 41 miles The Millennium Way ultra marathon third year in row.

This time was different, this time I didnt have to face (on top of regular stuff like demons, fears and pain) storm Freya in 2019 or flood in 2020.. This year it was stress related to all injuries that keep bothering me lately and cold/flu that started on Thursday ( easy covid believers, I've been tested negative). Horrible, In my opinion stress related body reaction that weakened immune system and put me in the bad spot..

I still went out there, trusting myself I'd do my best, challenge my mind then body and going through paces 'calibrate my brain'. What I mean by that, is a mind set up to the right level where I know I can and should be. A mind set up that will help me go through more challenges that's coming my way - not fitness only related..

I was nervous and stressed not because of the tough race itself but the fact that I wasn't feeling well. I've tried all kind of fixed before like IV drip and obvs my ultimate favourite supplement CbdFit cbd products ( those cbd jellies btw are sick ❤️).

It was good. First 50k or so nice and paced and that's where the struggle started. Going through those fields destroyed my legs, hamstrings, gluteas, hips, groin.. But I've managed. Walked a bit, run a bit and managed. At mile 33 I met up with my supporting girls, Marlena, Corrina and Tracy - girls, think it's your presence ( and protein shake, randoms and coffee) that gave me this boost. I've no idea what happened to me as although I couldn't even restart my running after that pitstop, once I did I DIDN'T STOP. Last 7 miles, the toughest last 7 miles I didn't bloody stop an I actually did speed up 😊

Unbelievable what setting yourself into the zone can do to your mind.. My body just followed... So thank you!

Thank you for all support, from day before ( Lyn, Rich) to lift ( Gabi, Wojtek) coffee ( Tracy) , Gnosall (Paula), Doxey ( Sarah & Joe) to 1st pitstop ( Marlena, Ilona, Claire, Simon, Sarah, David, Simons) to Radford Bank ( Emma & Corrina) to 22 mile ( Marlena, Claire & kids) to 3rd pit ( Dave) to mile 33 ( Corrina,Tracy, Marlena) to finish line ( Marlena, Simon - and Sarah's lovely bag 😉) hope I didn't miss noone 🙄

Much, much appreciated!

Guys, you need to find your own reason for doing it. It might be anything, it's your life. My reason for all those challenges I'm signing up for is to build up stronger mentality, don't get this wrong but I'm doing it to feed my ego too - both this things helps me overcoming all shit I'm going through. Yes, having six pack, looking trim or in good shape is lovely side effect but this is only the outer.. The inside, string mind is what really matters. I crave this and doing it for myself and its the only thing in the world I have no issue with being a selfish dick about. This is my thing. My only truly thing I desire and own so as long as I'm thoughtful and caring in all other aspects of life - this fitness tasks are mine and I will be selfish to accomplish them. And you shouldn't be worry about being like that too, again, as long as you thoughtful and as good as comes in everyday life.. So please, surround yourself only with those who understand and appreciate how much it means to you..

The challenges.. The outside comfort zone stigma.. The grow.. The progress.. Please, make all your efforts hard, as fucking hard as it comes as that's the only way to get better.. I've done my first ultra run before full marathon.. My first ironman 70.3 before ANY triathlon ( after 14 weeks of trading only). My first cage fight without proper grappling training and zero wrestling training.. My first BJJ competition after only few weeks of training.. DEEP WATER.. Swim or drawn - trust me, you'll swim, you'll learn, you'll feel it, you'll enjoy the aftereffect. Just face your fucking demons.. I still do. I'm still that smallest, asthmatic kid in the class to scared to raise hand and answer to teacher's question afraid Id get it wrong.. I'm still scared but now, fear is my fuel. I became best friend with pain. Suffer is my brother.. You can do too. Stop worrying. Stop overthinking.

I've calibrated my brain today. You go and calibrate yours. Its you vs you. Not you against the world x

Peace and lots of love 😍 Your thoughtful selfish Guy! See you out there 😉💯

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