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Open Water Swimming 

Although most events has been cancelled or postponed open water swimming is more than just preparation training. For me personally it's a great, refreshing start to the day but it's also kind of contemplation or even meditation time when it's just you in that calming water surrounded by - in this case - cliffs and trees. It's also well know fact that contact with clean, natural water stimulates and boosts immune system, increases heart rate giving that alive feeling and realises endorphins.

We couldn't be more happy finding out

Dosthill Quarry is reopening after lock down rules relaxed.

Booked our sessions straight away and already had one swim in lovely placed Quarry in Tamworth.

The water temperature was just perfect (14°) and water itself is nearly crystal clear. You can actually see 6-7m down if using swimming goggles.

Staff at Dosthill Quarry is super friendly and all distancing measures has been solidly applied. You can have a quick look on BBC website if you still unsure but I'd really recommend to give open water swimming a go 😊 And if you enjoyed it too much and swim too many miles 😁 don't forget your CBD to recover from sore muscles 💪

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