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CbdFit is delighted to announce our first sponsored athlete - Harry Burton.

@harry13burton comes with 8 years of Thai Boxing experience with over 20! Fights. He's competed at UK's biggest shows like @yokkao or Tanko Muay Thai League. He's also a BJJ blue belt under Dan Strauss- @raspberry_ape - famous UK black belt. Harry's representing Bedlam BJJ and now he's in training camp for his first MMA bout, training under ASW Manchester.

CbdFit and our best quality products aim to support Harry's Martial arts, fitness and life journey by helping with his recovery from long hours of hard training, improving sleep and ability to cope with stress, pains and aches. Our Cbd products would also have massive impact on on Harry's mental strength - such an important aspect of not only fighting game but also everyday life.

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