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Let us introduce..


Naqi is our next sponsored athlete.

Naqi started grappling just under 4 years ago and he's solid blue belt under crazy black belt Chris Paines BJJ . He has had made great progress in the short amount of time he's been training, medalling in every competition he has taken part in. One of his biggest achievements in the sport was when he got the opportunity to fight on an international grappling show ( GrappleFest run by Figure 4 Promotions ) in which he was victorious. Furthermore, he won the ADCC UK intermediate division and recently was part of a 5 man team guiding their club, Fighting Fit BJJ and MMA - Stafford & Stone Fighting Fit Grapplers to a 3rd place in a national invitational tournament in which they were huge underdogs.

Naqi spends his time either teaching/coaching in grappling or working as a personal trainer at a gym, Colosseum_Stoke

He has high ambitions for this sport. His determination, dedication and high work rate is evident with his results in competition. We are happy to be his 1st sponsors and help him on his journey.

CbdFit and our best quality products aim to support Naqi's Martial arts, fitness and life journey by helping with his recovery from long hours of hard training, improving sleep and ability to cope with stress, pains and aches. Our Cbd products would also have massive impact on on Naqi's mental strength - such an important aspect of not only fighting game but also everyday life.

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