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Virtual Event is a way forward.

Virtual Event can be a great motivation to keep your training and eating habits up.

Here is my summary of our first ever One step Closer

What a weekend!

You all did bloody amazing and I can't tell how proud you lot made me! Was so cool seeing you all nervous prior to the event and even cooler seeing your smiling faces on Finisher photos. ( makes me think it was too easy by the way - noted for next time lol) What also was pretty awesome is how you supported each other throughout whole event! And another super duper awesome thing was - kids! Not only taking part but getting involved and smashing it Things like that bonds us - OSC Fitness Gangstas - together makes us a stronger fitness family! I'm seriously impressed with all your performances, like I'm literally buzzing with it. I'm not surprised though as I know what each of you is capable of, I know it from personal trainings, fitness classes, from stalking your social Medias or strava. You should be buzzing too! Would like to thank you for taking a part, convincing your close ones and friends that it is a good idea to take a part lol. Thanks for supporting Me and One Step Closer

Shout out to CbdFit as usually and also to Medals by MSAM for great job with medals!

Although you're all winners, As I mentioned before there's a little prize for top male and female.

Prizes go to Westcott household! Well done Sam - 35.06 And Ewelina 43:38. You've won yourself a team Fitness scarf and cbd body bar! Extra price in kids category goes to Lily 29.16. Some sweets coming your way. All kids deserved a prize and I'm sure parents treated them with something nice And lastly a special honour going to Aga & Sylwia for best preparation and performance.

Now.. Who's looking forward to OSC Virtual 2 ?

Here's the link, take advantage of early bird prices and sign up now

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